Aranjuez and Haro

Our tour of Anadlusia finished when we arrived in Ronda and we were now heading north towards home. Our first stop was 40k south of Madrid at Aranjuez. We had stayed at the same campsite earlier in the year when I described it as “scruffy”. On this visit it was full of campers and reverberating with the squeals of pleasure from the children in the swimming pool and later in the play park; it seemed a much less dreary place. Unfortunately a thunderstorm hit the area mid afternoon, it rained until the evening and then cleared sufficiently for us to walk into town. Whilst waiting for the weather to clear I read the Emergency Drill on the reverse of our site map:

“Do not open the door from which comes smoke out. Do not loose the calm, don’t scream, don’t run, it can cause collective hysteria and hinder the people evacuation”.

We stopped at Aranda del Douro to pick up some wine, we bought 5 litre boxes of rosé at under €8 a box. We stopped for lunch at a roadside restaurant, €10 for three courses, including bread, water and wine. The food was home cooked, rustic but very tasty (we had venison casserole). We stayed the night at a campsite in Haro (in the Rioja region) and bought boxes of young red wine, 15 litres for €25. By afternoon the sun was out again and it was a warm 28° encouraging us to have a swim in the pool.

Haro - An Evening Drink In The Square
Haro – An Evening Drink In The Square