Camping La Campiña, Santaella

We arrived at Rik and Matilde’s and, as luck would have it, a large group of camper vans and caravans had arrived earlier that day on a Caravan Club tour of Andalucia.   They were from from all over the UK and were due to stay on the site for five nights, going out each day on sightseeing coach tours.  The site was beautifully quiet during the day, but the evenings were pretty noisy.

We managed to gatecrash their tour to Castillo De Almodóvar when we were invited to go with Matilde’s father who drove the 30k from the campsite to the picturesque 8th century castle so he could  transport some of the more infirm Caravan Club members from the coach park up the steep road to the castle doors.  We walked up to the castle and had a quick tour before we returned to the camp site with Papa.  The view from the castle was magnificent.

Camping La Campiña, Santaella

Castle of Almodóvar
View From The Castle

One day we cycled into Santaella four miles away along a road that swept down into the valley and then rose up the other side into the town,  the downhill runs were exhilarating; the uphill stretches were – slow.

Downhill All The Way