Poland – Trucks 3.5 tons and over.

March 2018 – On this visit to Poland we realised for the first time that all vehicles over 3.5 tons had to pay road charges through viaTOLL, the Polish system for collecting tolls from HGVs. After two days of searching we eventually found a viaTOLL office hidden away in a DAF truck dealership where we were able to purchase two electronic boxes (one for truck and one for camper) for £20 each (refundable). We then could preload our account with toll money. Thereafter, our mileage was recorded as we travelled on the main roads, our box giving a single beep every 10 minutes or so as we passed a sensor. When our balance ran low, the box gave a double beep reminding us to top up our balance. This was easily accomplished on line later in the day.

Travelling from Poznań on the S2 towards Berlin, we had to take a ticket and an hour later paid 38 PLN £7.78.

Some months later we met a German touring with his young family in a small motor home and he had just been stopped by the police and fined €200 for not having a viaTOLL box.  We also met two British families leaving Poland in their camper vans and unable to find anywhere to cash in their viaTOLL boxes.

Greece – June 2018

Here there were cash collecting toll booths every 30 miles or so.  It was cheaper for cars but we paid €5.20 each time and we reckoned it cost us €35 for a 200 mike trip.

Austria March and July 2018

When we drove through Austria four months previously we had to pay for road tolls by purchasing a GOBox and preload our account with €100.  The miles we travelled were then automatically recorded and charged against our account.  What we did not know was, that within 28 days of purchasing the equipment, we had to submit to the authorities our vehicle’s European Emissions Control Certificate.

Returning to Austria five months later, every time we passed a roadside sensor the box beeped four times, indicating that our money had run out.  We purchased another €100 of credit and continued our journey.

A few miles down the road we were pulled over by the police and were fined €240 for not presenting our emissions certificate to the authorities.  Tony offered to show the policeman the document but we were fined because we had not done so in March when we first registered.  It was a slick operation and the police took payment by credit card.

We felt we had been victims of a daylight robbery as there had been no clear indication when we bought the GOBox that we had to submit the certificate and our vehicle was already registered as fully compliant with current regulations.  So  two (very nice) days spent in Austria cost us almost £400.

Czech Republic

We purchased a vignette at the roadside for €17, lasted 10 days.