Travemünde was a ferry port, fishing harbour and seaside resort at the mouth of the river Tave in the Bay of Lübeck on the Baltic Sea.

Stellplatz with more than 50 Camper Vans

We stayed on a stellplatz at the far end of a large car park where there were electric supply points, fresh water and toilet cassette emptying facilities. The charge for 24 hours was €12 and it was just a ten minute walk into the town. We strolled along the fishing harbour where there were wooden kiosks selling fish sandwiches, the fish was either smoked or fried and served in a bun. The local seagulls were enormous and a constant threat to the many perambulating snackers.

We always wondered why we in the UK don’t provide similar overnight parking for camper vans as they do in France and Germany. It would certainly boost the number of visitors to town centres. We stayed for 48 hours and spent €26 for parking and electricity, did a grocery shop, plus spending on beers, a lunch and a dinner in local eateries – and I bought a top from a small dress shop. We were one of over 50 vans parked up – which could be more than 100 hungry mouths to feed each day.

Bottom of the Main Street
A Fishy Lunch