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And We’re Off!

We spent several weeks going through the truck systems to make sure we understood how all the various systems worked. We had a productive day visiting Fischer Panda in the New Forest. Their technician, Leigh Doe, inspected the Mastervolt system and updated the software. We learned a lot from him and he was able to assure us that he could provide support should we have problems whilst we were on the road.

We visited Eberspacher who freed the impeller on the diesel water heating system and the MAN dealer in Southampton who fitted a new sender to the 4wheel drive system. We also paid several visits to a very helpful Paul at OBE metal fabricating company in Chichester who made a clever storage system for our access ladder and brackets to secure the motor bike on the back. He also came to our rescue when, due to substandard Polish welding, the back plate of the exhaust silencer became detached. The leaking exhaust gases damaged the hose supplying air to the brakes, causing the brakes to suddenly fail. It was was extremely alarming and we counted ourselves lucky that we managed to bring the truck to a skidding halt using the service (hand) brake before carrying out emergency roadside repairs in the pouring rain.

Preparations came to an abrupt halt when Tony fell from the top of a six foot ladder, breaking two ribs, damaging a lung and bruising his liver. He spent five days in hospital and it was several more weeks before the pain eased sufficiently to enable him to carry on with his chores.

Finally, in October 2019. we felt we were ready for our inaugural trip. We said goodbye to the family and set off for Eurotunnel, heading across Europe towards Morocco where we planned to put the truck through its paces before heading further afield.