Our truck moving duties were completed and the weather remained very cold and we felt ready to move on and find somewhere a little warmer.  Our friends, Jacqui and Sergio assured us that the weather where they lived in Italy was much better so we decided to drive 1,000 miles, hoping to reach the Tarisciottis at Alba Adriatica on the east coast of Italy in time for Easter.

We stopped one night in Leipzig, Germany and the next night in Austria before we crossed the Brenner Pass into Italy.  The poor weather made driving tiring.



Along our route lay the town of Bardolino where, in 2016, the family spent many happy days when Issey and Ame got married in the Bardolino Town Hall.  The busy little campsite was on the shores of Lake Garda and within strolling distance of the town centre.  We were able to wash the van and catch up with laundry in the couple of hours before it was time to walk into town for supper.