Bećevac, Serbia

We left Budapest and drove south towards Belgrade in Serbia.  Once out of the city, the countryside was mainly agricultural, with small fields and rolling green hills.  It was early June and we could see the distant combine harvesters raising dust clouds as they processed the corn crop.  There was little change in the landscape as we passed from Hungary and out of the EU.  There may have been a bit more roadside litter and the surroundings may have been slightly scruffier.  The Serbian people went out of their way to be welcoming and friendly and most of them could speak some English.

Zornica Kuka Camping
We Even Found An Old Fiat 600
Rustic Restaurant Building Under The Trees
The Restaurant Kitchen

We passed by Belgrade and stopped at the village of Barajevo, at  a rustic campsite called Zornica Kuka Eco House Farm, which was a family run business with a motel and a restaurant and a small animal zoo.  The owner greeted us with a warm handshake, his name sounded like Dragon.  The site was on a hill overlooking the valley and had all the facilities we needed.  The restaurant meal was cooked on an open fire and of excellent quality  – although the steak was over cooked for our taste.