We turned right off the A7 E15 at the sign to Bédar.  The road climbed gently for about 6k, as we got higher there were lovely views either side.  We parked the camper in the car park at the top of the village and walked up the road, past a couple of restaurants and cafés right next door to a gymnasium.  Warren, we kindly booked you a few early morning sessions to counteract the effects of your recent retirement.

The hillsides were dotted with pretty houses, tastefully constructed to blend in with the landscape.  It was a nice little place, very hilly and warm – 29° but with a pleasant breeze.

As we walked by we said hello to an elderly couple sitting outside the café having a cigarette.  They were from the north of England.  Further on a bar advertised that night’s football match, Arsenal v Chelsea.  Although we only saw and heard English voices, it was Sunday morning and I assume in a couple of hours the Spanish locals would be out and about.

My task from Warren was to check all bars and restaurants for prices of food, beer and wine and whether there would be sufficient supplies for their ten day stay.   The Butlin way to do it would be to stop at a supermarket en route and purchase sufficient supplies, otherwise there could be tears.  And anyone with a tendency to a baldy patch would be advised to wear a straw hat.