Beware the Soy Sauce!

The harbour at Mèze, near Montpellier
Camping-Car Park at Mèze
We were blue dot, 4 km from Mèze

We had been using a chain of aires called Camping-Car Parks which offered electricity, Wifi and fresh water as well as grey water and chemical toilet empty. Access was with a pre loaded card and charges were around €12 a night. These aires were often well away from urban areas and seemed very popular although I don’t think we saw any non-French travellers using the parks.

We revisited Gruissan near Narbonne to stock up on wine. We bought a pale, dry rosé full of flavour, €10 for 3 litres. The weather was sunny and warm 19° and a load of laundry put in the sun dried easily before nightfall.

Note to self: Before setting off in the truck, double check you have stowed everything securely, especially small bottles of soy sauce with dodgy tops. Whilst driving over some very bumpy roads, the ruddy thing fell off the shelf depositing its contents onto the work surface before dripping down over the kitchen drawers. The bottle then landed on the floor, splashing the walls and leaving sticky brown rivulets across the floor before finally leaving a large puddle on the door mat. It was as if someone had stabbed the little thing in its artery and in its death throes it had spread its life juices all over the truck. Soy sauce smells rather nice when you are eating noodles but the pungent odour is quite unpleasant when it persists for hours in spite of a huge clean up. A hard lesson learned!