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Alba Adriatica

Promenade At Alba Adriatica

We stopped to visit Jacqui and Sergio on the east coast at Alba Adriatica and spent two lovely days there enjoying late afternoons on the beach, swimming in the warm Adriatic Sea.  Their friend, Manuela, was staying with them.  Our time there wasn’t totally unproductive as one morning we drove out to the wine producers in the hills to restock our cellars.


A Basil Leaf As Big As Tony’s Hand

One of the neighbours was an elderly chap who had a large, beautifully kept vegetable garden, despite being in his late 80s.  We needed some basil for our tomato salad and Sergio was sent to get some and came back with a generous bunch.  The following day Manuela went for basil and came back with another bunch of basil and a large cucumber.  The next time was Tony’s turn to go begging and he came back with basil, cucumber and three huge green figs, perfectly ripe and ready to eat.  None of them were offered any of the cannabis that was growing in the middle of his plot!

. . . . and The Wine . . . .

Our visit to Alba Adriatica would not have been complete without making the twenty minute drive from the Abruzzo region and into the neighbouring region of Marche where three generations of the D’Angelo family ran a business producing wine on fifty hectares of rolling hills. 

They sold their wine mainly to restaurants and hotels in the Rome area.  We bought red and rosé wine in 3 litre boxes for less than £1.80 a litre.  Displayed in their office was a huge bottle of their 2013 vintage red wine – Tony bought that too.

The Wine Buying Trip

Jacqui and Sergio have a network of friends ever ready to advise them on the best places to buy such important things as wine and olive  oil or to recommend a restaurant in a particular area.  They are often on the phone to a cousin or a friend who has a cousin or a friend who happens to know . . .

Anyway, according to their friends, Pepe and Adela, THE place to buy wine in the Alba Adriatic area was near the town of Offida up in the green hills, 20k from the coast.   We stopped in the old town which was famous for its hand made lace.  We had an ice cream whilst we waited until it was a convenient time to call on the wine producer’s mother – it was Saturday afternoon and Sergio explained that the woman who ran the place enjoyed a lunch time glass of wine before she had her afternoon siesta and, in the past, it had proved almost impossible to wake her up until the effect of the wine had worn off.  

When we eventually got to the winery we found the son was in charge, the mother having gone on holiday.  After some careful tasting, we purchased two 20 litre boxes of red wine.  The son charged us €1.73 a litre which, apparently, was a real bargain.  Sergio said that last time they bought wine with Pepe and Adela the mother had served them and charged them €2 a litre.  Sergio resolved not to tell his friend, Pepe, as he would be furious if he heard that we got a better bargain from the son than they ever had from his mother.   Our lips are sealed!