Colours Of The Desert

One of our overnight stops

We stayed four more nights in the Sahara, it was hard work driving off road. I don’t suppose we covered a huge distance; we were driving at 10 mph most of the time. At the end of the day Hassan would find somewhere to make camp and Hamid would light a fire. We cooked our food on the open fire and went to bed as soon as it got too cold to sit out.

We passed a camel who had just given birth to her baby. Although we kept our distance, the mother moved further away from us and the little calf struggled to keep up with mum on its still wobbly legs. There were no wild camels in Morocco so the owner would be searching for this pair.

The colours in the desert warmed as the day grew hotter and then cooled as the sun set in the evening. The night’s darkness was intense, but for the bright stars.  The landscape was constantly changing from dark volcanic rock to bright sand and acacia trees.  It was awe inspiring and very beautiful.

This dried up lake bed provided a huge dust bowl of a playground