Driving North To Tanger Med

We Spotted These Friendly Faces Sharing Their Vehicle With Three Horses

As we travelled north towards the Atlantic coast, the scenery softened into fertile plains.  We stopped over night at the seaside resort of Mohammedia, close to Casablanca.  The campsite was perched right on the beach but was being surrounded by rows and rows of newly built apartment blocks overlooking the scruffy beach area.  We presumed the seaside development was for the folk of Casablanca.  A small apartment cost in the region of £30,000 – we were not tempted.

Atlantic Coast Beach At Mohammedia

The next day we drove to the ferry at Tanger Med.  We checked in at the ferry terminal and proceeded through the port’s long winded security procedures.  Ten minutes further on we were told our vehicle was wrongly classified on our boarding pass so we had to turn back, exit the port and drive along the dual carriageway before turning back into the port entrance.  We checked in for the second time and were given reprinted boarding passes.  We reappeared at each security barrier and no-one seemed to notice we had passed that way fifteen minutes earlier.  Fortunately from then on it was easy going and we disembarked in Algeciras two hours later.  Soon after 9pm we were enjoying a late supper at Casa Bernardo’s.