Flamingo Beach

The Lake At Köycegiz
Parked On The Promenade At Köycegiz

We wanted to have a look at Lake Köycegiz (sounds like Koi jeez) one of the largest coastal lakes in Turkey and an important nature reserve. We arrived in the busy little town on the north shore of the lake and followed our satnav’s circuitous route through narrow streets, partially blocked with parked cars. When we eventually reached the municipal campsite we found that it was closed – due to Covid, we assumed. There were signs everywhere saying no overnight parking so we took a photo of the lakeside promenade and reluctantly decided to find somewhere else to stay.

We drove on and turned off the main road towards Fethiye and the Çalis beach area where there were several campsites but they too turned out to be closed – we were beginning to experience a bit of a low point in our journey.

We continued along the beach road and came across a “Camping” sign half hidden in a hedge. This was Flamingo Beach – hardly a campsite but a sandy expanse at the top of a pebbly beach overlooking the Mediterranean. We were given a warm welcome and soon found an ideal spot for the truck at the top of the beach.

Our Inconspicuous Truck Parked On Flamingo Beach

Sunset View From The Truck