Goats Can Climb Trees!

After completing the hydraulic ram modifications at Ali’s, Tony was still concerned that the hydraulic tail lift was not strong enough for the weight of the motor bike, causing a swivel pin to bend. We agreed with Graham Neale, who oversaw the truck build, that we should return the truck to Poland so the hydraulic tail lift could be checked by the manufacturers (Plandex).

We booked a ferry from Tanger Med to Genoa (Italy) leaving Morocco two weeks later. We turned our nose north and travelled back through the Anti Atlas Mountains towards Agadir.

Even in dry weather this river had crept over the bridge, imagine the crossing if it had been raining.
Surfers’ Heaven

The coast road north from Agadir towards Essaouira was surfing country. Towns along the route sported all the paraphernalia of the surfing life. Psychadelic swim wear and dreadlocks replaced the traditional Moroccan djellaba. At various points you could drive off the road and park on the beach and we saw groups of brightly painted wagons lined up facing the ocean.

The area around Agadir was well known for argan trees and the little goats that climbed the trees to graze