Guelmim to Tan-Tan

Camping Aain Nakhla at Guelmim

We travelled south, stopping at Guelmim and then on to Tan-Tan on the Atlantic coast. It seemed a long, long road which snaked over empty, desolate plains devoid of inhabitants. For over 100k there were no service stations; occasionally we passed a roadside hamlet that sold diesel in jerry cans. The road surface was poor and the edges were broken away.
A new road was being constructed parallel to the main highway and we followed the roadworks for many miles, enduring uneven road surfaces and deviations from the main highway. Everything was very muddy and the road was busy with moving plant and heavy goods vehicles. Driving needed total concentration as these behemoths came towards you at speed, taking up two thirds of the road. At the last minute, both the vehicles slowed right down, wheels off the edge of the road, nearside mirrors almost touching as we passed.

A weather front moved across the country from west to east bringing 48 hours of wind and intermittent rain. The water lay on the baked earth, eventually making the ground waterlogged and very muddy. We watched a dry river bed became a fast flowing river within a few hours – reverting to a few puddles by the next day.

We drove through Tan-Tan, a large modern town and travelled 10k on to Tan-Tan Plage on the Atlantic Coast, just about level with the Canary Islands.

Evening Football on Tan-Tan Beach