Île De Ré 2

We stayed seven nights at Île De Ré. The weather was mixed but when the sun shone the cycling was wonderful, each of our senses was entertained with lovely views, sounds and especially smells. When it rained the perfume of the wild flowers mixed with the smell of the ocean. It was good to be outside.

We made full use of the evening visits of the pizza van. He lit his wood fire at 5pm and did a roaring trade throughout the evening, taking a ball of dough, quickly rolling it to paper thinness before adding the toppings – starting always with fresh tomato sauce. The result was a crunchy, wood smokey delight, complete with dribble bits, far removed from the stodgy, oily things one usually gets in the UK.

We stopped overnight on our way to Eurotunnel at La Crotoy where we had our last seafood meal and next day we bought fish and little Baie De Somme prawns to bring back to the UK for supper that evening with Kate and family. The crossing was quick and easy and within the hour we were sitting having a cuppa in Folkestone.

It was wonderful to be in UK again, being away for so long made us appreciate how special is this place we call home.

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