An Evening Meal Overlooking the Baltic Sea, Bay of Riva, Latvia

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, like Poland, had shared the tragic history of invasion by Nazi Germany and then, in 1945, annexation by Soviet Russia. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the Baltic countries finally gained their independence.

The landscape in Latvia was similar to Lithuania with gently rolling hills of crop fields and pastures of grazing cows, timber forests, rivers and lakes. We stayed at a camp site at Skulte on the Baltic coast at the Bay of Riva. There was a long sandy beach, everything was spotlessly clean and well presented – with a slightly Scandinavian feel. There were several changing cubicles at the top of the beach and even the power supply points at the camp site were of such quality they could supply electricity for the largest RV. There was a restaurant at the top of the beach that served home cooked food all through the day until 10pm.

The Beach at Skulte, Bay of Riva, Latvia
Path Leading to Beach
The Camp Site

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