We stayed a couple of days in the city, we visited the bizarre Government Shop that sold carpets, ornate furniture, brassware, huge carved animals and many other items that you would give pride of place to in your home – if you lived in a huge palace. Confession – we did buy some rugs.

After dark we returned to the city centre to sample the street food and soak up the atmosphere as the food vendors loudly vied with each other for our custom. We had become fed up with food offered at local eating places so the two of us skipped off to a fancy restaurant called Les Jardins De Bala which served Indian / Asian fusion food. We had a wonderful meal three floors up overlooking their swimming pool. Heaven! The following evening we went to a touristy entertainment called Fantasia, This was a three course meal followed by a show of Berber horsemen galloping around an arena firing guns, then a firework display. The venue could hold at least 500 people; not at all to our taste.