Nakajima Islands

We took a touristy ferry across to the islands in the middle of Lake Toya, called Nakajima Islands.  There were lovely walks through the forest and pleasant gardens where you could sit and wait for the next ferry – which came every half hour. 

Walking Through The Forest

There was a natural history museum displaying the huge variety of stuffed creatures that lived, or had lived on the island.  Outside the café we saw a snake a metre long that most definitely was not stuffed.  People were screaming and running away from the snake but we were told it was not dangerous.

Pssst – Not A Real Bear!

. . . . . . But This Was A Real Snake
Rita and Brian At Nakajima

   An evening swim in the lake was a good way of cooling off after a long day sightseeing.


Is Marion Not Waving But Drowning?