Over The Sea To Skye


The ferry from Malaig to Skye took forty minutes.  After disembarking we drove north to Portree where the town elders were canny enough to provide a large car park on the edge of town.  We were able to park the camper and walk up to the town centre in the pouring rain and choose one of a variety of restaurants in the town and on the quay.  We had oysters and sea bass –  it was still raining when we came out.  

We then drove north to Uig where we found a campsite which rapidly filled up with motor homes, a few caravans and even some families in tents.  It made you proud to be British!    It was extremely wet and windy, the rain had hardly stopped for the last twenty four hours and the forecast for the next few days was poor – but in spite of the weather the holiday makers (mostly British but some Dutch and German), carried on regardless – pitching their tents, walking the dog, visiting the towns and the beaches.  Everyone was well wrapped up and no-one seemed to notice the weather – even the adolescents seemed rosy cheeked and communicative!

The next day we awoke to brilliant sunshine – but all too soon it clouded over again.