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Poznań, Poland May 2018

It was a pleasant drive to through France, Belgium and Germany to Poland.  The weather was warm and sunny and it was such a joy to be able to sit outside in the evenings and relax after each day’s drive.

The River Ruhr

We stopped overnight near Dortmund on the River Ruhr.  It was a bank holiday and the place was extremely busy.


River Elbe At Magdeburg

The next overnight stop was at our regular spot at Magdeburg on the River Elbe.  The last occasion we were in that city it was March and we struggled through ice and snow as we walked into town to get something to eat.  Now it was warm and sunny and we even stopped for a delicious gin and tonic at a sandy beach bar constructed on the banks of the river.


We arrived in Poznań the following afternoon and were soon out on our bicycles.  It was often sunny in Poland but we hadn’t known it to be so warm – almost 30° it was a real treat.

We drove out to the factory where they were constructing our habitation box.  They were in the process of fitting the windows but it was frustrating that progress was so slow.  We realised it was unlikely we would have our new truck before September.

Ania and Graham showing us the embryo habitation box