Sunny Road To Turkey

Heavily berried cotoneaster lined the road mile upon mile

The weather was quiet and sunny as we travelled north along the Aegean coast to Thessaloniki then we turned east towards Kavála and the border with Turkey. We chose to travel on the motorway because it meant we could cover the miles quickly and safely. There were tolls every 20 miles or so and we reckoned we paid out €100 during our three day journey. Each evening at about 4 pm we stopped for the night at a motorway services area. Due to Covid none of the motorway cafés were open although you could always buy coffee and a snack. We were well prepared and cooked our evening meal in the truck. We normally set off each morning about 10 am, stopping half way through the day for a leg stretch, lunch and a cuppa.

The motorway was almost empty and the landscape glowed in its autumn colours, illuminated by the bright sunshine. We passed vineyards and acres of olive groves. Sometimes the road swept down to the Aegean before rising up taking us through the mountains via a series of tunnels.

Stopover For The Night