The Gorges du Ziz

Camping Jurassique
High Atlas Mountains

The route south from Midelt passed through the High Atlas Mountains – it was beautiful and barren and mere photographs couldn’t capture the rich colours and magnificence of the landscape.

We stopped for a few days at the Gorges de Ziz, just north of Errachidia, 4,200 feet above sea level. The temperature was 25° during the day, dropping to 4° overnight. We stayed at a camp site and walked along the almost dry river bed of the Ziz. Along the river valley were olive groves and date palms, a verdant contrast to the cliffs towering above us.

The River Ziz

Dinner each evening was delivered to our truck – Moroccan salad, bread, chicken tagine followed by fresh fruit, washed down with a bottle of beautiful, chilled . . . . water. We tried to request a change of menu, maybe some lamb chops, but there was such a look of hurt surprise on the face of our host that we hurriedly agreed that the chicken tagine was what we really wanted. Our three day stay cost us less than £50.

We met a group who had just completed an 11 day off-road 2CV Rally

The Ziz Valley