Starting A New Trip

Thoughts Of Home

Looking back on this trip and comparing our travelling life to being at home, the difference was not so great.  Each day when we were travelling we had our regular tasks similar to those we have at home.  The camper had to be kept clean and tidy, inside and out.  Our water tank had to be kept filled with fresh water and the toilet cassette emptied regularly – these were “blue” jobs.  Occasionally the laundry had to be done (“pink” job) and often without the use of a washing machine.  When the weather was good the wind and sun worked much better than any tumble dryer – and absolutely no ironing required.  We had no dishwasher, no television and no car for everyday transportation.

These blogs had to be written too and the most important component that kept us sane was having access to wifi.  We used emails, Whatsapp messages and Facebook to keep in touch with home.  If we happened to come across inclement weather on our travels we consulted our weather app in order to avoid an area that had rain or storms forecasted.  

We kept abreast of current affairs by downloading a newspaper each day.  The evenings were long and warm enough to sit outside until the mossies started to bite.   For us, travelling was a healthy lifestyle.  Although we probably ate (and drank) more than we should have done, most of each day was spent in the open air, either walking or cycling wherever we went.

What did we miss?  Our friends, the pub, a decent pint of draught beer, being surrounded by English speaking folk as you went about your business each day.  But most of all we miss our lovely family, including the dreaded grandchildren and we can’t wait to see their lovely faces again.

Grandparent alert!!  We are on our way home.