Toruń was the blue dot
View of Turoń from our camp site across the river.
This church dated back to 1306

The medieval city of Toruń lay north of Poznań on the road to Gdansk.  The town was a tourist destination because many of its ancient buildings had survived German bombing during World War II.

Our campsite was a twenty minute walk from the city centre, crossing the River Vistula via a huge iron bridge. The weather was good with warm sunny days – warm enough to sit outside enjoying the sunshine.  At night the temperature dropped to 5°.

We walked into town in the late afternoons and ate at restaurants on the main square.  The first night we ate soup and savoury pancakes with a beer which cost £12 for the two of us. The next night we went to a fish restaurant and had lovely fresh fish and a bottle of wine – two courses each, total cost £40 (£20 for the imported wine).