Algeciras to Tanger Med

We visited the travel agent, Viajes Normandie in Algeciras and booked the ferry to Tanger Med the following morning – €200 return. We also collected the packet containing the tyre inflation adaptors that had been posted from Poland.

Next morning we arrived at the port at 8.30 in good time to catch the 10 am ferry to Morocco – which finally left an hour late. Our passports were checked as we entered the port embarking area and again on board the ferry when we queued for half an hour to have our passports checked and stamped by a Moroccan immigration official. As we disembarked the ferry in Morocco our passports were inspected by a policeman type person followed by a further hour or so waiting in the hot afternoon sun to clear customs, borne patiently by us (sitting outside the truck with a cup of tea) because nothing would speed up those splendidly uniformed officials as they carried out their duties. Finally our papers were stamped although nobody had even glanced at our truck or its contents and we were at last released from the port area to begin our drive into the Rif Mountains.

By then we were getting tired and the two hour drive seemed so long on the narrow, dusty roads. We pulled over regularly to allow faster vehicles to overtake us and it was 5 pm before we reached our camp site at Chefchaouen.