Goodbye, Morocco

Strawberries bought at the roadside

We spent our last few days in Morocco heading north towards the ferry port of Tanger Med. We drove past Casablanca and Rabat before spending a couple of days at the beach at Kénitra. The weather was quite chilly and often wet and windy although the rain held off long enough for us to walk along the beach to a local restaurant for a lunch of paella, followed by baked fish and grilled prawns with squid. We paid under £25 and had more fish than we could manage – no alcohol though.

Vegetables displayed in pretty bunches
Strawberry sellers every few yards

We drove through rich agricultural and horticultural lands with citrus trees bright with fruit. There were large areas of polytunnels and roadside stalls sold beautifully displayed vegetables – carrots, beetroot, spring onions and leaks. We were eventually tempted by the strawberry sellers who had stalls every few yards.

We bought a tray (3.5kg) of ripe strawberries for £5.50 – and over the next few days we managed to eat them all.

Oranges were for sale everywhere

Our ferry was due to leave for Italy at 2230 and we were told the last check in at the port was 1630, which meant a wait of at least six hours before departure. It turned out that the ferry office didn’t even open until 1700, half an hour after final check in time!

Before we got to Tanger Med we had plenty of time to fill our fuel tanks with diesel at 80p a litre and have the truck washed. Two men took half an hour to complete the job and charged £16.

No health and safety restraints as our truck was washed