And Then It Rained . . .

After the rain everything looked greener and the sand dunes felt more solid, less sandy underfoot

I suppose we didn’t really expect it in to rain in the Sahara and we were sorely challenged when we had a whole day of much-needed precipitation. The dust and sand underfoot mutated into a gloopy mess that squelched up over our shoes and eventually turned into a thick pad of compacted mud beneath our soles. When it dried it resembled concrete and had to be carefully chipped off the bottom of our shoes. Our door mat and steps were covered in debris and the truck was filthy inside as well as out. We called in at an adjacent hotel for coffee (and to discover their wifi password) and we left an embarrassing trail of muddy footprints as we crossed their tiled Reception area.

The next day we stopped for a coffee at a fuel station and had a truck wash – 15 minutes with a pressure hose, cost £4