Through the Wilderness to Zagora

We drove towards Zagora, sixty miles to the south east. There was very little traffic on the highway, we travelled through barren landscapes with just the occasional herd of camels to keep us company. We saw areas where water courses had flooded across the road due to the recent rain. The road margins were occasionally damaged but the road was passable and we reached Zagora after three hours travelling.

The Road Tazzarine to Zagora
Camping Auberge Palmeraie D’Amezrou 

It was a pleasure to come back to the camp site where we always stayed when visiting Zagora. It was owned by Himi and his family. He greeted us with a big smile and a tray of tea and we arranged to have dinner in his restaurant that evening – salad, lamb chops, chips and a bottle of Moroccan red wine. It was an extravagant meal compared with our usual fare and oh! so enjoyable. The wine cost £10 and the food another £20.

Himi sat with us for ten seconds while this photo was taken, then he went off to cook our lamp chops
We were here 🔵 in Zagora