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A windy evening in Sangatte

We stopped in Deurningen in the Netherlands for some modifications to our levelling rams. It had been five or six years since we had bought the hydraulic system from HPC and Mario, the proprietor, was a always ready to check the installation was functioning efficiently. The HPC fitter spent several hours carrying out modifications but Mario didn’t charge us anything saying he preferred to get feedback from Tony as to how the installation was performing. We then drove on for two hours to visit Marik at Outbound who had supplied our truck’s windows and door. They replaced some broken gas struts that had been damaged during a storm and provided us with a few spares.

A few oysters helped prepare us for the journey to UK

It was a good feeling to have everything restored to full working order as we headed through Belgium to Calais for the Eurotunnel home. We spent our final night at Sangatte enjoying a large dish of oysters at the local restaurant. The border crossing between France and the UK was speedy and efficient, the border staff were friendly and, with Europe being an hour ahead of UK, we arrived in Folkestone half an hour before we left France!