Çalis Beach

We stayed for several weeks at Flamingo Beach, mainly because we liked the place; the weather was kind and we found the people around us easy going and helpful. We took the opportunity of ordering from Holland a catalytic filter for our Cinderella toilet and DHL were due to deliver it, we hoped, within a couple of weeks.

The area at the northern end of Çalis (sounds like Challish) beach was wilder and less sophisticated than further south. The apartments, hotels and gated resorts gave way to grass roofed shacks along the beach which, in different times, would be places to eat and drink and where they offered water sports and marine excursions. One of the shacks looked as if it was set up for beach weddings – with white painted wooden pallets forming a platform on the beach, complete with a rusty arch of faded plastic flowers. Finally the beach ended at a rocky outcrop.

A Wedding Venue On Çhalis Beach
Northern End of Çalis Beach

We regularly visited the nearby Sunset Beach Club to have our main meal of the day. The menu was surprisingly varied with fresh fish, huge salads as well as grilled vegetables – onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and aubergine.

We developed an unhealthy liking for their garlic bread, the bread was as light as candy floss, toasted on one side and heavily laced with raw garlic and local olive oil – (calories? surely not!)