Camp Site Blues

We stopped overnight at a typical Moroccan walled camp site. There were stylish electrical points placed at regular intervals along the pitches topped with ornamental lights but when we tried to connect the electricity not one of them worked. The guardian came over and tried various sockets and then went away and returned with his boss who also kept trying socket after socket. Finally they gave up but assured us if there was anything at all we wanted, all we had to do was to ask. An electric hook up would have been top of our wish list.  


And then we come to the toilet block which looked quite hopeful with mats at the door and a basket of cleaning materials sitting in the entrance. One of the showers had “Chaud” scribbled on the door and I did have a warm shower but the whole place was dirty and needed a good scrub. Most of the pedestal toilets wobbled dangerously, few had attached seats or lids, there was no loo paper and usually the inside of the bowl was disgustingly soiled. I kept a pack of antibacterial wipes in my wash bag to sanitise the toilet seat and to use on the flush handle, when available.

We had to keep the fly screen on the door closed to prevent cats and dogs coming in to the van.  Some French people were having lunch outside their van and a cat jumped onto the table and snatched a piece of food from the plate.  They shouted and threw a shoe at it but it got away and we next saw it sitting in the sun licking its lips.