Towards Marrakech 

We were heading south and had the choice of stopping at Agadir or Marrakech. We loved Agadir, which was a cosmopolitan seaside town an attractive promenade and interesting restaurants. Unfortunately, the camp site, although within walking distance of the town, was one of the worst we had ever visited. We had had our stuff stolen from outside our van when we stayed there and when we complained to the manager of the site he seemed to find it very amusing.   
So we decided to head towards Marrakech where we had heard of a site that was supposed to be be the best in Morocco. As we approached Marrakech we could see the snow capped High Atlas Mountains in the distance; the temperature in the city was 25°.  
The site was lovely, clean and tidy with grassy areas, lemon trees and other flowering shrubs, a swimming pool – and a washing machine. We stayed there two days but chose not to go into Marrakech as the weather was too warm for sight seeing.