Sidi Ifni

We left Marrakech two days later and drove south on the motorway, through the High Atlas Mountains, past Agadir and along the coast road to Sidi Ifni, a seaside town in south west Morocco on the Atlantic, just north of the Sahara desert. The combination of desert and seaside made this a popular stop for travellers, especially surfers. This would be the furthest south we would travel and was approximately two thousand miles from home.


We had lunch in a restaurant called Nomad, who advertised themselves as being NoMad, NoBad, NoFat – two courses for less than £20 with more than enough to eat. I had octopus and cuttlefish cooked in an olive sauce with rice, Tony had a sort of chicken pie, made sweet with dried fruits and almonds.  


Earlier in the day when we were exploring the town we were approached by a man who said he was a nomad who lived in a tent in the desert but he was holding an art exhibition just down the road – would we like to see it? We knew it would be a selling opportunity but we went along as we had time to kill. Sure enough, we were taken to a shop and were shown Berber jewellery, leatherwork and various craft items made from camel bones. There was a skill involved in the work but nothing that we wanted to buy. We finally bought a large wooden spoon for about £8 before we made our escape. Worth it to have a cup of tea with two likeable rogues!