Hong Kong

Dining Out And Trip To Kowloon

We had an evening meal in one of the hotel restaurants and ordered a Tasting Menu so we had little idea of what we had ordered until the individual dishes arrived.  Fish Maw turned out to be the swim bladder of a special fish – it tasted chewy and gelatinous.  Goose web was the foot of a goose – although it was a bit boney it tasted delicious, just like goose!



Anyone Know What A Goose Web Is?

We took the Star Ferry to Kowloon on the opposite side of the harbour and wandered around a huge shopping mall containing hundreds of designer shops.  The mall stretched for over one kilometre and was on two levels.  I checked out the prices of a couple of items in case there was a bargain to be had but they were charging the same prices as you would pay in the UK or more – so no retail therapy for me.  

Star Ferry To Kowloon

We found a food hall on the lower level with tables where people were having lunch.  There were lots of stalls selling different foods.   Everything was freshly prepared to order and it seemed very popular.


Lunch Options At Shopping Mall in Kowloon