Hong Kong

The Peak

We needed good visibility when we visited the highest mountain in Hong Kong – Victoria Peak.  We took the Peak Train, a 100 year old funicular railway that ran from the city to the summit, 552 metres above the harbour.  The mountain was created by volcanic eruptions 143 million years ago.  

Once at the summit we followed a level path that encircled the mountain, offering panoramic views of the harbour and surrounding seascape.  The circular walk took an hour to complete; we did not feel the urge to rush as it was extremely hot.  The visibility was probably as good as it gets in Hong Kong and the views were spectacular.  You can only imagine how wonderful the scene would have been on a clear day – if they ever have such a phenomenon in Hong Kong.  Visitors travel to the Peak just before sunset to admire the sight of the lights coming on all over the city below.