Hong Kong

Goodbye Hong Kong

We visited Hong Kong at the hottest time of year, the temperature was over 30° during the day day and even  hotter if the sun shone which, actually, was not very often.  Humidity was high, over 85° so the smallest exertion caused sweaty discomfort.  This meant that we didn’t get out and about as much as we should have done and the only time we were comfortable outside was when we were lounging by the pool and able to have a regular cooling dip.  Hotels and restaurants were fully air conditioned and, as soon as you left a building, you felt a terrific rush of heat that very soon had you puffing and panting. 

Teppan Yaki Evening
We found the people of Hong Kong polite, almost deferential and even when you were walking along crowded pavements, no-one jostled you and no-one tried to barge in front of you.  Everywhere seemed relatively safe, even after dark although we did see call girls around the doorways of the sleazier bars.  I went to the loo in one of these bars, tried the door and found it locked so turned to go back to the bar when the toilet door opened and out came a man and a woman from the tiny cubicle.  They were very apologetic. 


Our Hotel – Shiny Building Behind The Sampan