Family Time In Soverato

Family Meal At Beach Fish Restaurant

We were travelling to Soverato to meet up with our daughter, Issey and her family.

Issey and Ame were married at Lake Garda two years ago and now they had a seven month old daughter, Ivy Laura.  They were visiting Ame’s family in Soverato and we were looking forward to joining the family party.

Soverato was a bustling town with beautiful sandy beaches and clear aquamarine water.  The narrow streets of the town were often choked with illegally parked cars and the pavements were uneven and impossible to use, especially with a child in a push chair – so everybody walked in the road which added to the traffic congestion.

The Promenade At Soverato

The beach was the regular summer meeting place for families and two sun loungers with umbrella could be rented for €100 a week.  We thought it expensive but the beaches were spotless.

Restaurants didn’t usually open until 8 pm or later but you could stop at a bar earlier in the evening for an aperativo – drinks and delicious nibbles.  We usually      chose spritzers which were Prosecco, Aperol. and soda with lots of ice.  Often the nibbles were so good and plentiful that an evening meal was not required.  Wherever we went we were joined by family and friends, with Ivy always the centre of attention.

Aperativo Time