Blue Dot = Soverato

The journey from the “heel” of Italy to the “toe” took much longer than we expected.  The quick way, according to the satnav, was to retrace our steps up to Brindisi and then drive south along the west coast.  We preferred to follow the east coast road round the instep of Italy’s boot.

We broke our journey at Villapiana Scala on the east coast, the site was on the beach and there was a railway line that ran between the main road and the coast.  The road to the site dipped steeply as it passed under the railway line and we watched a couple of cars go under and judged there was sufficient headroom for the camper.  However, the road was particularly narrow and gave the optical illusion of a higher bridge and as we passed under there was a crunchy noise as our roof touched the bridge.  Fortunately we were moving forward very gingerly and we were able to stop and back up the steep hill without damage (hope!)

We found another railway crossing that went over the track but, on the way out the next morning, workmen were dismantling that crossing to carry out maintenance work. We just got there in time and the workmen cheerfully guided us over what was left of the crossing just before they lifted the track.  Had we been five minutes later we would have been unable to get out until late that afternoon.  Two potential disasters averted!