Expedition TruckPoland

From Wrocław To Poznań

We stayed overnight in Wrocław (pronounced something like Vrotswav) where we found a friendly, family-run campsite.  It was a sunny evening and our fellow campers were a jolly bunch – including a very chatty New Zealand woman with her Dutch husband, two Norwegian brothers travelling in convoy and an Australian couple from London “doing Europe” in a Toyota Previa.  Parked next to us were a young French couple and, as it was the day before the World Cup semi final, (when Croatia beat England), Tony kindly gave them a bottle of champagne so that they could celebrate when England won the World Cup!  I don’t know what was French for, “What a prat!” – but I expect that’s what they said, smiling politely.

The next day we arrived back at Poznan and our normally deserted campsite at Lake Malta was virtually full – such a contrast from our earlier visit when the site was deserted – but for one van that parked right next to us.

We went over to Camperspol where our habitation box was being built.  Progress was unbearably slow but we were reasonably pleased with what they had done so far.  The day was taken up in discussing what should be fitted where but we did manage to pop out for some lunch at a café where three of us had a delicious lunch with a beer for a total of £13.