Generator Blues

Fellow travellers, Eva and Karl were 500 miles south of us

Before travelling further south into Western Sahara, we planned to return to Sidi Ifni to apply for Prolongation. Our visas expired at the end of January and, as Morocco’s borders remained stubbornly closed, we could not avoid overstaying our ninety day allowance. There had been a couple of repatriation ferries from Morocco to France but ticket prices were extortionate and we weren’t desperate to leave the country – yet!

Problem with the generator

Whilst on the road between Agadir and Tiznit our generator breaker began tripping out, indicating a problem with that essential piece of equipment. Unless we were staying at a camp site and plugged into the mains electricity, we relied on our generator to supplement the power created by the truck engine and our solar panels. We would normally run the generator for up to an hour each morning to top up our batteries. We were very concerned and returned to the camp site at Tiznet in order to investigate. There were no Dometic dealers in Morocco but Tony had long consultations with Lee at Fischer Panda in Southampton.

Then we got Covid . . . .

At least we assumed it was Covid – a chesty cough, a runny nose and a bit of a headache. At first we thought it was a reaction of our Pfizer vaccination but we both had similar symptoms and for a couple of days we felt just slightly off. Fortunately, due to our vaccinations, we were not seriously affected and were able to carry on doing day to day stuff whilst keeping ourselves isolated. The chesty cough persisted for well over a week but gradually got less and less. In the past I have certainly felt more poorly with a seasonal cold and when I had a bout of influenza many years ago I was bed ridden for four days and felt quite ready to die. This illness was lightweight by comparison. If only the generator could bounce back to health after a couple of days rest!