Italy To Austria

We left Alba and drove north towards Venice.  The day time terperature was in the mid 30s and we were suffering with the heat.  If we stopped for a break and could find no shade, the temperature in the van soared once the engine was switched off.

We stopped overnight in the Venice area but it was jam packed with tourists.  The camp sites were full with families on holiday and the roads were gridlocked.  We slowly made our way north and were regularly held up in traffic jams.

The Dolomites

After many hours driving we finally saw the Dolomite Mountains in the distance.  As we climbed higher the traffic seemed to ease and the temperature cooled by 10°.  When we reached the Austrian border everything changed and it was as if we were on a different planet.  Our camp site was was on the shores of Lake Ossiacher where camping families were enjoying outdoor activities – swimming in the lake as well as hiking, cycling and playing ball games.

Ossiacher See