Lagunas (Lakes) De Ruídera

We stopped for lunch at an over-smart hotel near Jaén.  The temperature outside had reached 40° and the hotel’s air conditioning was extremely welcome – and we had an excellent, if expensive, lunch.  

We had a sense of déjà vu as we approached our chosen campsite later that afternoon and soon realised we had stayed there before.  I checked our log book and discovered we had been there two years earlier; at that time it had been a public holiday and the site was overcrowded and noisy.  

Now it was quieter and we appreciated the shady canopy of trees and the refreshing swimming pool, surrounded by lawns and green hills behind.

Camping Los Batanes, Lagunas de Ruidera

We cycled a couple of miles to a restaurant by this bathing pool.  At the weekends it was heaving with people but pleasantly serene on that Monday lunch time.

A quiet Baño de Las Mulas – Monday lunchtime
The area was surrounded by fields growing wheat and vegetables, fruit orchards, olives and a beautiful field of lavender