Our next stop was at Tamarit Park Resort near Tarragona, south of Barcelona.  It was a holiday village with chalets and glamping stuff as well as the usual touring pitches.  It was twice the price of our regular stops but the site had an excellent beach side restaurant, a long sandy beach and a swimming pool.  The temperature was 35°, even the sea breeze felt warm and the sea was just perfect.

We were at the blue dot and planned to travel to Poznan in Poland in the coming weeks.

Swimming pool at Tamarit Park Resort

We stayed at the site two nights which provided me with the opportunity of doing a machine load of washing (€5).  Tony strung up our washing line between two trees on our pitch and the washing was pegged out to dry in the sun.  Some while later a member of staff came by to say we were not allowed to put up washing lines – on this over-manicured resort you could only dry your clothes on a clothes airer (they had them for sale in the site supermarket, of course).  Needless to say, I apologised profusely but our line remained firmly in place until we left the following morning.