We had a very good reason to return to the Narbonne area – we wanted to stock up on wine.  We had stayed at the campsite three years earlier and, whilst having a meal in the campsite restaurant, we enjoyed two pichets of the local rosé wine, served very cold – it was dry and very delicious.  We were so enthusiastic about the wine that the patron recommended we visit La Cave de Gruissan in the nearby town where the local wine was sold by the bottle as well as in 3, 5 and 10 litre boxes.  You could also buy the wine dispensed from a pump to fill your own container as you would fill a petrol can with fuel.  On this occasion we bought rosé and red wine in 3 litre boxes and paid the equivalent of £2 a bottle.

35° and trying to find some shade
Les Mimosas Camping, Narbonne

We met a charming family at Les Mimosas – Jackie and Tony who were travelling with their grandchildren.  They were camping in a couple of tents and we were impressed how stoic they were as it was extremely hot, the wind was strong and especially noisy at night.  Isabella was a teenager and her sister, Amelia was a few years younger.

Isabella and Amelia were due to be flower girls at a family wedding in September and I asked them to send me a photograph.   So Jackie, Tony, Isabella or Amelia – if you are reading this on a dark winter’s evening, my email address is  We would love to see a photo of the flower girls!