More Sidi Ifni

Sidi Ifni Beach
Camp site and access to beach
Our local shop

We remained in Sidi Ifni for a couple of weeks enjoying an easy going lifestyle. There were good walks along the beach, especially when the tide was low. There was a local shop for fresh bread and milk but we had to climb the steep steps up into town for fresh meat and vegetables. We enjoyed the company of our fellow travellers – two English and two French camper vans. We had also got to know a group of Europeans (German and Irish) who lived in the town. A trip to the shops often took much longer than necessary, the town was small and we would always come across someone we knew and would retreat to the shade of a café for a (sounds like) “nos nos cabero” which got you a delicious long, strong milky coffee that went very well with a fresh breakfast croissant.

There were beautiful Spanish Art Deco buildings surrounding the main square

Steps from beach to town above
Town centre
We were almost mown down by two runaway donkeys

A crisis in our gin supplies meant we had to leave Sidi Ifni and travel to Agadir to replenish our stocks at Carrefours, a round trip of 200 miles. You might say it was a long way to go for a bottle of gin – so we bought two!