We bought olives, dates, nuts and garlic in this Tiznit store

We stopped at Tiznit on our way to Agadir and stayed at a camp site just outside the city walls. The weather was warm and sunny (18° at night and 25° in the day) and we were able to cook our meals outside surrounded by a beautiful display of red and white bougainvillea. Next door was an astro turfed sports ground and, surprisingly, we enjoyed hearing the youngsters playing football from dawn to dusk. It was strangely relaxing to listen to distant shouting and whistling whilst sitting in the sun – perhaps getting the feeling we were taking exercise when we weren’t!

Bougainvillea at Tiznit

Our regular exercise was the short walk to the shops where we visited the boulangerie that produced the best ever mille-feuilles (vanilla slices) and the grocery store that was run by two young men who spoke perfect English. Tony had to be dragged out of their shop!

it was a couple of hours’ run on to Agadir where we did our Carrefour shop before heading down to the port area where we planned to overnight beside the fish market. As we drew up we were quickly surrounded by hordes of unofficial “guardians”, offering to protect our truck. We recognised one or two that had helped us on our previous visit, palms were greased and we were soon settled in a noisy lay-by alongside stalls where visitors could sit and eat seafood – the smell of frying fish was quite overwhelming.

View from restaurant of Agadir Marina

The fish market seemed to function day and night and we spent a restless night surrounded by vehicle noise, harsh lights and the odour of fish – the upside was we had a European quality meal at our favourite restaurant in the Marina – and we both got a haircut. We spent almost an hour in the salon whilst my unruly mop was tamed (the hairdresser asking if I had been cutting it myself). Tony got a quick No 3 and most of the time was spent on his face, his beard being carefully shaped and trimmed. The cost for the two of us was £30 which included a generous tip. We felt fully restored!