One of the Beaches at Lundegård – that’s not me either!
🔵 Lundegård Camping

We planned to spend a night in the city of Kalmar but we found the official camper stop was already full. We decided to go across the nearby 6 Km long bridge to the island of Öland. The island was 137 Km long but only 16 Km wide and there was only one main road going north to south and it was heaving with slow moving traffic, mainly camper vans. We were in two minds whether to stay with the traffic or turn round and leave the island.

A Swimming Opportunity?

Eventually, after an hour or so moving at snail’s pace we came to Lundegård, a huge camping site with plenty of available space. We found ourselves a lovely quiet spot where we had an electricity supply and excellent wifi. We were content.

At the bottom of the site were a series of sandy beaches and causeways with bathing ladders. We gave the water the toe test and couldn’t decide whether to fetch our swimmers or not – so we didn’t!

Solliden Palace nearby was the summer home of the Swedish monarchs. Many years ago the King of Sweden bought a boat from us and he and his family came to Chichester Marina to take delivery. We gave them coffee and nibbles before Tony escorted them out of Chichester Harbour. I expect they remember us well so it would be rude not to call in and say hello.

Solliden Palace – I expect we will be invited to stay for dinner