Patras And Beyond

Aginara Beach, Glyfa

On arriving in Greece all ferry passengers were given an “up the nose” Covid test – I’m not sure how the authorities would have found us had we tested positive.

Tony had noticed some worrying cracks on the welded joints of our tail lift that supported around 300 kg of motor bike and more. Our first job in Patras was to find someone who could carry out a repair. Mr. Google led us to Mastoras, a truck repair company. They were unable to carry out any major work but in less than an hour they had expertly re-welded the faulty seams. They charged €20 and, hopefully, disaster had been averted.

We drove south along the coast and stopped at a camp site on Aginara Beach. It was late November and there were a dozen or so vans staying on the site, mostly German.

The lady at the gate, Angelica, gave us a warm welcome and assured us there was no Covid in the area. We were soon settled in a lovely sunny pitch 15 metres up from the beach. Angelica brought us a jar of her kumquat preserve and three oranges taken from the tree in her garden. The temperature was 18°, the sun was shining and the water looked blue. There were a number of people on the beach, some were even swimming. There were wasn’t a restaurant on site but when the beach bar opened each afternoon from 16.30 to 18.30 were felt we were in heaven!