Fusina Camping

We booked a ferry from Venice to Patras, Greece – a sea journey of 32 hours. We travelled to Venice the day before sailing and stayed at Fusina, across the lagoon from the great city. On a previous visit to Fusina we had taken the little passenger ferry and spent the day in Venice but on this occasion we needed to do a few chores – including filling up with 400 litres of water.

We had to sign a Covid 19 declaration to say that we had not recently travelled in any of a long list of countries – including UK, France and Germany (but excluding Switzerland). Fortunately we had spent enough time travelling through Switzerland and Italy and so could sign the declaration and were allowed to stay at the campsite. We watched the huge vessels passing within metres of where we were standing.

The ferry left Venice at midday the following day and we were soon on our way to Greece.

The Venice Patras Ferry Passing By Fusina Campsite